irregular business rules

First, the purpose and principles
AApay Technology (Hong Kong) Limited (for the sake of convenience, hereinafter referred to as “AApay payment”) to develop AApay to pay for the violation of business definition and to provide AApay to pay for business health, open and orderly development and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of AApay users. Processing rules “(hereinafter referred to as” rules “). The terms of this rule as an annex to the AApay Payment Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Master Agreement”) are an integral part of the Master Agreement and have the same legal effect as the Master Agreement.
Second, the definition
2.1 Merchant: refers to all the subjects that have been signed with AApay to complete the “Master Agreement”.
2.2 rectification warning is AApay payment management of a business management, AApay payment by oral or written (including but not limited by e-mail, text messages, etc.) in the form of business misconduct to remind and caution, businesses need to pay in AApay Within the specified time limit to complete self-examination and rectification, so that their business model in line with Hong Kong laws and regulations, policies and regulations and the main agreement agreement.
2.3 to reduce the payment limit, refers to the right to pay AApay in accordance with the provisions of the main agreement, the abnormal trading business day to adjust the daily limit.
2.4 Temporarily freeze the settlement, the AApay payment has the right to temporarily freeze the settlement of the abnormal transaction merchant according to the agreement of the master agreement.
2.5 Temporarily close payment, AApay payment is entitled to temporarily close the collection function for an exception trading merchant based on the agreement of the master agreement.
2.6 to lift the main agreement, referring to the termination of AApay and the owner of the agreement, the lifting of the “master agreement.”
Third, irregularities and penalties
Violation of behavioral characteristics
Shopping rebate merchants to return to the consumer rebate to attract users to participate in platform consumption, the new user funds to pay the original user to return to rebate, the formation of laminated capital chain, or the existence of business business risk level, consumer and franchisee fictional transactions Access to rebate, business continuity of operation there is uncertainty or there is a clear pyramid scheme, illegal fund-raising and other suspected phenomenon. Since the date of discovery to be rectification (rectification period as determined by the specific circumstances), rectification period to extend the settlement period to T +15. At the end of the rectification period and the AApay payment review, the settlement cycle is changed to T + 10 after the business has returned to normal. During the observation period (in principle, 30 days), it was decided whether or not to restore to T + 7 as a whole.
But the nature of the poor or the amount / greater number of people involved, once found immediately lift the main agreement.
Multi-level distribution to sell goods, provide services and other business activities in the name of the participants to pay fees or purchase goods, services, etc. to obtain the eligibility, and in accordance with a certain order to form a level, directly or indirectly to the number of development personnel as a fee or Rebate basis, to lure, stress participants continue to develop others to participate in, cheating property. The term “hierarchy” and “grade” as used in these Rules refer to the level of the relationship between the organizer, the leader and the participating person, not the organizer, the leader’s rank in the organization.
(Or share the amount of random distribution code to express), all the sale of goods, or a copy of the goods, according to the amount of 1 yuan (or other amount) for sale, After the business by a certain rule to calculate the winning number, holders of the lucky numbers can be directly obtained this product.
Network lending is engaged in the network lending information intermediary business activities of the network lending information intermediary enterprises to the Internet as the main channel for the borrower and the lender (that is, lenders) to achieve direct lending to provide information collection, information disclosure, credit assessment, information exchange, And other network lending services. The aforementioned borrower and lender include natural persons, legal persons and other organizations. This category is not open, once found to be lifted the main agreement.
A false trading merchant obtains false trading volume by improper means such as fiction or concealment of transaction facts, and damages the rights and interests of users. Depending on the specific circumstances, including but not limited to rectification, to extend the settlement cycle, the circumstances will be lifted the main agreement.
Settlement business through the fictitious transactions, fake prices, cash refunds, etc. from the credit card and other credit channels to take cash, or to assist users to take cash. To take, but not limited to rectification, the closure of credit card payment channels and other measures, for serious or huge amount of cash, will be lifted the main agreement.
Illegal use of payment services Interface behavior Specific actions include, but are not limited to:
1, the business will AApay payment provided by the service interface provided to their own legitimate relationship with the third person to use.
2, the business in the relevant payment function to add the interface with the business does not have legal funds management relationship AApay payment account.
3, businesses use AApay payment services to carry out illegal business. 1, once found, have the right to stop the service, and asked the business to make corrections within a time limit.
2, such as overdue correction or rectification is not effective, AApay payment right to lift the main agreement.
Merchants fraudulent users have completed the payment of the payment, but the merchant does not provide services to users and does not refund the money. If the user complains that the merchant is fraudulent and the AApay payment is made to determine the complaint, or if the user complains that the merchant has fraudulent and the transaction amount or the number of transactions reached a certain number, AApay has the right to extend the merchant settlement period and require the merchant to handle the user Complaints. Those who are of a bad nature or a large number of persons are found to have lifted the master agreement immediately.
Breach of the agreement agreed to violate the agreement but did not specify the behavior in this table, including the specific circumstances, including but not limited to rectification, to extend the settlement cycle, the circumstances will be lifted the main agreement.
Other acts that violate the laws and regulations of the People ‘s Republic of China in violation of the laws and regulations

Fourth, the rules published / modified
AApay payment has the right to make any unilateral changes to the contents of this rule at any time and publish it in the form of an announcement without further notice to the merchant; if the merchant continues to use the AApay payment service after the notice of the contents of this rule has become effective, the merchant agrees to change After the specification.
These Rules shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation.