AApay Launched the Best Product Worldwide of Innovative Payments at FinovateAsia 2017

AApay Technology, the leading international mobile payment aggregation service proider, has launched its two latest gechnologies for DEMO at 2017 FinovateAsia, the leading fintech conference all over Asia on Nov. 7th. AApay is appraised by the panel of experts of FinovateAsia as one of the 32 most exciting new products in the fintech industry in 2017.


This year brought over 450 attendees and 32 companies from across six continents to present their new technologies. Bases on the presentation quality and potential impact, AApay was selescted as the “Best of Show” winner along side Bambu, OCRLabs and YukkaLab.



AApay is the first global payment aggregator service platform which enables merchant to collect money with no other devices but only cell phones. It targets at the international cities worldwide to serve people with frequent cross border activities like businessmen, travelers and international students. AApay provides diverse mobile payments to fulfill the personalized requirements of its users. Moreover, it has a unique real-time smart bill-splitting technology which supports different mobile payments. This function cuts down the onerous task of annoying calculating, P2P transferring and long overdue IOU.


“AApay values the globalization and strives to provide personalized payment services. Young enterprise as AApay is, we are glad to present our product at such a prestigious innovative fintech stage. And we were not surprised that AApay took home a Best of Show award at FinovateAsia this year.” said MA Ye, CEO of AApay. The company’s innovative and powerful technology really wowed the crowd.


Currently, AApay launches its H5 online platform for the merchants and the native application of both iOS and Android systems for the users. The latest version is more adaptable and user-friendly, whose trial version could be downloaded on Google Play or Apple Store.


Companies who are interested may contact AApay to apply for platform access.



About AApay

AApay is a mobile payment aggregator which could be applied to the international cities around the world. It adopted the advanced QR code technoogy and Api technology to integrate the most popular payments in the world, and the fingerprint and iris scanner technologies to ensure security. For both offline and online merchants whose customers are non-local people including international businessmen, international students and travelers, AApay are their best choice to collect money. AApay’s user side have two characters:

Aggregate All: AApay has integrated the most popular mobile payments including but not limited to Apple Pay, Alipay, Android Pay and various credit cards.

All average: AApay enables its users to spilt a bill intelligently and pay their own share in seconds.

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